Les Contes d'Hoffmann

Jacques Offenbach

In this richly melodic work, the poet Hoffmann dreams of three women: the wind-up doll Olympia, the siren Giulietta, and Antonia – a frail and consumptive opera singer. Hoffmann’s grand but misguided attempts at love are foiled by the supernatural villain Dapertutto, who robs Hoffman of his better self and any chance of happiness in love. Offenbach’s final masterpiece is full of gorgeous melodies, seductive love scenes, and fantastic characters – a dark fairy tale and feast for the eyes and ears.
Director’s Message: This opera contains some of the most moving music, but also some of the most disturbing characters that any opera or theatrical show has ever known. The world of a turn-of-the-century circus is full of a cast of characters that are dark and mysterious and exist in a world where we cheer for the mysterious dark magician and laugh at the downtrodden sad clown. They appear and disappear though turnof- the-century machinery, magic and trickery, smoke, and funhouse mirrors. — Joel Ivany, Director